Spatial Foresight

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Spatial Foresight GmbH is a Luxembourg-based company which provides territorial policy support and research. The fields of activity comprise:

  • Analysis and evaluation
  • Process facilitation
  • Strategy development
  • Training and dissemination
  • Territorial foresight processes
  • European and comparative studies

The principle idea is to bring together territorial development and policy processes with foresight oriented approaches. Foresight encompasses a range of approaches that combine strategic analysis, prospective forward thinking and process oriented dialogical work. Using these approaches for the processes shaping our territories will facilitate a better understanding of how to best capitalise on territorial development potentials.


The latest news about new projects, publications and forthcoming presentations by the Spatial Foresight team:


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December 2016

NEW PUBLICATION: CoR Report on governance processes in SME policy

Spatial Foresight colleagues contributed to the CoR report on multi-level governance systems in support of SME and entrepreneurship policies. Spatial Foresight colleagues were responsible for data collection and analysis of the governance structure in 6 regions Brandenburg, Helsinki-Uusimaa, Southern Denmark, North Brabant, Flanders and Copenhagen.

The report identified three important governance aspects for effective process. (1) cooperation between public and private stakeholders, (2) target strategies creating a common vision between actors, and (3) a strong reflection on economic needs.

The report can be downloaded from the CoR’s website:

April 2017


Spatial Foresight colleagues have contributed to the recently published EGTC Monitoring Report by the CoR. The description of EGTCs is at the centre of the annual monitoring report. The report contains factsheets for each EGTC describing the main characteristics. The application of the the EGTC instrument is very dynamic. As of the end of 2016, 65 EGTCs exists in Europe, of which 5 were founded in 2016. More EGTCs may be expected in the next years. At the end of 2016, 23 EGTC under construction could be identified. Several of them are awaiting approval, with 2 of them being established already.

The report can be assessed through the CoR's webpage:

April 2017

NEW PROJECT: National information platform for urban politics - Luxembourg

Spatial Foresight contributes to the reintroduction of the 'Cellule nationale d'information pour la Poitique Urbaine' (CIPU - National information platform for urban politics) of Luxembourg. The CIPU contributes to the exchange of information and expertise of urban actors from different levels and creates an environment for common reflection on matters of urban development. The plaform is an interface between local, national, European as well as between scientific and application oriented actors. In cooperation with the bureau Zeyen+Baumann, Spatial Foresight will contribute to all tasks under the new CIPU, namely drafting the action programme, organising the regular expert forums, creating an online database of good-practice projects and organising the internal communication and documentation. 

April 2017


Or who we actually are. Spatial Foresight is not only a company, it's more the people behind it. Get to know us better at: our special anniversary webpage. How we see ourselves in 2037? Answer to be found in the same chapter.

April 2017


In 2017 Spatial Foresight turns ten years old. Ten years of hard work, a lot of projects, even more publications, numerous workshops and presentation and great cooperation. We, at Spatial Foresight would like to share with you what these ten years mean to us. You can read our story in an exclusively drafted and designed story book at our special website. Follow our activities on LinkedIn for background information, trivia and quotes. And on twitter for a quick update and more interaction. We invite you to follow our journe and hope you will enjoy it as much as we do.

April 2017

NEW PROJECT: Green growth in the Alps

Spatial Foresight is part of the winning Consortium with blue! (leadpartner) and CIPRA for elaborating an action programme in support of Green Growth in the Alps, a project contracted by the German Federal Environment Agency (UBA). The project shall translate the findings related to the key topics of the 6th Report on the State of the Alps "Greening the Economy of the Alpine Region" into actions. Spatial Foresight will especially contribute to the conceptual development of the action programme and the stakeholder workshops that shall feed into actual actions and project proposals implementing a green economy.

March 2017

NEW PUBLICATION: Added value of macro-regional strategies. Project and programme perspective

Interact has just published a study conducted by Spatial Foresight on the added value of macro-regional strategies from a project and programme perspective. The report sees how macro-regional strategies can be more appealing to projects and programmes and proposes actions for all macro-regional strategies’ key implementers to increase benefits and also link the macro-regional project activities better to policy processes. The report can be downloaded here.

March 2017

NEW PROJECT: EU Territorial Review

Spatial Foresight has been awarded a contract to elaborate the ESPON EU Territorial Review Report. The report aims at communicating the main territorial development trends in relation to key European challenges and highlighting specific patterns of development in cities, rural areas, specific regions and macro-regions in Europe. It will also present innovative ideas and reflections on EU post 2020, focusing mainly on the objective of the European territorial cooperation. For this, three thematic workshops with a selected pool of experts will be organised. The report will cover the entire ESPON space and, if relevant, other territories and include observations and key policy recommendations. The EU Territorial Review Report will also be developed in an interactive digital format for web publishing, building on ESPON’s comparative advantage of tailor-made territorial support at different geographical levels. The interactive web version will be conducted together ADM Interactive OÜ.

February 2017

NEW PROJECT: Urban nodes in transnational transport

Spatial Foresight has been awarded a study on the role of urban nodes in Germany in the context of transnational transport and their potential opportunities for strategic development. For this project, first the current status of the 13 German urban nodes is to be analysed. Based on this, proposals will be developed how urban nodes can further develop their strategic approaches and learn from each other. The project will be conducted by Spatial Foresight, Rupprecht Consult (lead partner) and TCP International.

February 2017


Spatial Foresight has initiatited a discussion on possible futures for Europe. Given the increasing talks about stronger nation states and a weaker EU, we would like to stimulate some discussion about what Europe would look like if it were the other way around. Please feel free to submit your thoughts via our website:

August 2016