Study on the EU Social Economy

Spatial Foresight will carry out a study, together with partners EURICSE and CIRIEC, to benchmark the socio-economic performance of the EU social economy. The study will map, collect and analyse information on the recent evolution of the social economy in Europe. The objective is to have an overall picture of the weight and role of these organisations/enterprises in European growth and jobs. In the course of the study the partners will collect and analyse quantitative and qualitative data to promote an evidence-based policy on the social economy ecosystem as a field of action in the context of EU industrial strategy. Spatial Foresight will be involved in the overall coordination of the study and the organisation of online workshops to provide support to help national statistical offices at MS/EU level in producing quality data and develop new indicators to measure SE socio-economic impact.


Client: EISMEA - European Innovation Council and SMEs Executive Agency

Duration: May 2023 - June 2024

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