Territorial governance of non-standard geographies

Functional approaches do not only target urban areas and labour markets. They also to an increasing extent address issues such as water management and biodiversity preservation in a context of climate change, promotion of circular economy, support to industrial transitions, development of sustainable mobility, energy transition policies, provision of health services, responses to migration flows and industrialisation of marine space. The ESPON NoStaGeo project analyses such ""non-standard"" functional approaches. It inter alia describes and proposes methods for the delineation of functional areas for the compilation of evidence, governance models, strategy elaboration and implementation, interactions with local and regional authorities. This project covers all of Europe and includes many case studies. It runs until 2025. Spatial Foresight is the project leader. The partnership includes TU Wien, Nordregio, Politecnico di Torino, ÖIR, TCP International, KRTK Centre for Economic and Regional Studies (Hungary), UHI Perth (Centre for Mountain Studies) and Wageningen Environmental Research and many additional national experts.


Client: ESPON

Duration: September 2023 - March 2026

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