Study on roadmaps for administrative capacity building - design and implementation

Effective management and use of Cohesion Policy funding requires that players involved have sufficient capacity to fulfil their roles. To obtain this it is important to adopt a strategic approach to capacity building, i.e. to analyse the state of play, and identify weaknesses, measures on how to address them and actors responsible for implementing them. This can e.g. be done through ‘Roadmaps for Administrative Capacity Building’, a novelty introduced for 2021-2027. Some countries have already developed such roadmaps. The study will gather information, analyse, and draw conclusions and recommendations on the development and implementation of roadmaps for administrative capacity building. It will also contribute to assessing the practical implementation of the roadmaps, including their monitoring, progress of implementation, stakeholder involvement, regularity of updates etc. Findings will contribute to the mid-term evaluation of the 2021-2027 programme period and to reflections on future legal provisions related to administrative capacity post-2027.
The study is managed by t33 in cooperation with Spatial Foresight.


Client: European Commission, DG Regio

Duration: April 2024 – May 2025

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