Co-design of a support scheme for administrative capacity building

The European Commission (mainly DG REGIO) supports administrative capacity building through Cohesion Policy at EU and national level through various capacity building instruments. This study provides an overview on the various support schemes and their offers to stimulate a discussion about possible synergies and complementarities between them. In a second step, the study involves a co-creative process with a wide range of stakeholders to see how various capacity building tools can be brought together and possibly re-designed in a comprehensive support scheme. This may range from aligning existing tools into a shared landing page for a one-stop-shop, or integrating elements into a common tool, or even a new tool bringing together all existing tools. The result will depend on the co-design process. The study is led by t33 in cooperation with Spatial Foresight.


Client: European Commission, DG REGIO

Duration: September 2021 – August 2022


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