Impact of RePowerEUon Europe's regions

The Ukrainian deaths and the material losses of the country caused by the war in Ukraine are already incommensurable. At the same time the impacts of the war affect also regions and cities in the EU – although not as devastating.

For Europe, this aggression and the following sanctions mean rising energy prices and also disrupted trade links with that country. Food security is also threatened, given the importance of Ukraine in the supply of, among other goods, cereals to EU member states.

A direct result of the Russian invasion is a direct threat to European Union's energy security and has exposed EU's dependence on Russian energy imports which are on levels that are no longer politically sustainable. In that light, the European Commission has proposed an outline of a plan to make Europe independent from Russian fossil fuels well before 2030, starting with gas.

This study analyses the potential impacts of the war and the RePowerEU policy on Europe's regions.

The study is carried out by ÖIR in cooperation with Spatial Foresight.


Client: European Committee of the Regions

Duration: Duration: April - July 2022

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