Sustainable & digital engineering workshop

Spatial Foresight designs and facilitates a one-day-workshop for the Department of Engineering of the University of Luxembourg to exchange on the status-quo of the DoE and on the current and future research and education activities in order to synchronise the strategy between Mechanical-, Electrical–, Civil Engineering and Computational Engineering. The aim of the workshop is to collect in a first step the group’s ideas on the main pillars/ key-concepts of University of Luxembourg’s strategy (sustainable engineering – digital engineering) to figure out the participants’ understanding of the two concepts and to see why they are needed and why they should be implemented. It is meant to develop and point out the importance for sustainable and digital engineering in e.g., teaching, research, and outreach. In a second step the workshop focusses on how the members of the Departement of Engineering can contribute to the priority domains of sustainable and digital engineering.


Client: University of Luxembourg

Duration: August 2022 - September 2022

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