ACTAREA workshops DE-FR border area

The German-French cross-border area has multiple and intensive cooperation structures and shall benefit from further exchange in the field of spatial planning. The BBSR (German Federal Institute for building, urban and spatial planning) has initiated a study to enhance this exchange by using the ACTAREA Web-Application developed by the ESPON Programme. The project shall help improving the prerequisites for the development of cross-border strategies in two areas, i.e. the Eurodistrikt Saarmoselle and Eurodistrikt Strasbourg-Ortenau. The project will implement workshops in these areas to enhance the joint understanding of the respective border area and the implications for their radius of actvities. For each area the focus will be on selected planning themes, such as services of general interest, retail, labour market and housing or leisure and recreation.


Client: BBSR - Federal Institute for Research on Building

Duration: October 2023 - May 2024

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