Supporting the Ministry of Interior and for Sports Rhineland-Palatinate in drawing conclusions from the "Luxembourg in Transition" vision

'Luxembourg in Transition’ ( is an innovative process which introduces new topics and methods into spatial planning in the functional region in and around Luxembourg. This process has been initiated by the Luxembourg Ministry of Energy and for spatial planning. The aim is to pitch different territorial visions for a zero-carbon and resilient future of the Luxembourg functional region until 2050. The process is based on principles such as cross-border planning, competitive tendering procedures, broad and cross-sectoral participation and new topics, that spatial planning has yet to discover. Spatial Foresight conducts and in-depth analysis of the process and provides concrete recommendations on how to use the lesson’s-learned to complement the regional level spatial planning in Rhineland-Palatinate and at federal level in Germany.


Client: Ministry of Interior and for Sports Rhineland-Palatinate

Duration: November 2021 - November 2023

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