Luxembourg national information platform for urban policies (CIPU)

Spatial Foresight was awarded together with Zeyen+Baumann with the follow-up of the 'Cellule nationale d'information pour la Politique Urbaine' (CIPU - National information platform for urban policies) for Luxembourg. During the past year, we have been working on the re-establishment of the CIPU.

The CIPU contributes to the exchange of information and expertise of urban actors from different levels by creating an environment for common reflection on matters of urban development. The platform functions as interface between local, national, European as well as between scientific and application oriented actors.

In cooperation with the bureau Zeyen+Baumann, Spatial Foresight will now continue the work we have started last year until 2021. We will again contribute to all tasks under the next CIPU, namely drafting the annual action programme, organising the regular expert forums, creating an online database of good-practice projects and organising the internal communication and documentation.


Client: Ministère du Développement durable et des Infrastructures - DATER, Ministère du Logement, Ville de Luxembourg, Ville d'Esch-sur-Alzette, Ville de Dudelange
Duration: October 2018 - February 2022

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