Consultation with stakeholders and citizens on the future of the Interreg Greater Region Programme

Spatial Foresight will lead the consultation process for the Interreg VI Greater Region Programme post-2027, engaging stakeholders and citizens from Luxembourg, France, Germany, and Belgium. The project will gather diverse views and ideas on cross-border cooperation needs from actors of cooperation projects as well as the population of the Greater Region to inform future policies and especially the Interreg Programmes. This includes conducting a large-scale survey among the two target groups and organising a workshop to discuss the findings and gather additional insights. Building on this, recommendations and new ideas will be developed to inspire the preparation of the post-2027 Interreg programmes, addressing topics covered by Interreg, the geography and characteristics of the regions, and the implementation of the programme and projects. The insights and recommendations will be compiled into a comprehensive report to shape strategic planning and legislative discussions for the post-2027 period.


Client: GECT- Autorité de Gestion Programme INTERREG V A Grande Région

Duration: May 2024 - December 2024

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