ESPON Quality of Life Spin-Off

In a recent research project ESPON has developed ways to better understand and map Territorial Quality of Life. The ESPON approach allows to capture and map the quality of life for a place featuring the perception and preferences of its citizens. It also allows for benchmarking places based on more tailored comparisons and diving deeper into a selected territory. The key to are ‘Territorial Quality of Life Living Labs’. They are policy innovation milieus where experts from competent and trusted institutions work together with citizens. In cooperation they define quality of life along a predefined set of fields. The rescent spin-off further develops this approach and tests it in the national functional cross-border region of Coastal–Karst Statistical Region in Slovenia, County of Istria in Croatia and Trieste in Italy. Spatial Foresight supports the team – lea by Isinnova – in turning the results of the of the ESPON Quality of Life research into a policy brief for the Slovenian EU Presidency.


Client: ESPON

Duration: July - November 2021

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