Implementation recommendations and mapping of the Greater Region Spatial Development Scheme (SDTGR/REKGR)

Spatial Foresight has been contracted by the Luxembourg Ministry of Energy and for Spatial planning to develop implementation recommendations and maps for the SDTGR/REKGR. The SDTGR/REKGR (Spatial Development Scheme of the Greater Region) is the result of a four year long work process between national and regional ministries and authorities of the Greater Region (Link: It includes 45 operative measures that will ease or erase cross-border obstacles and will allow to coordinate future public actions in the Greater Region. The Greater Region is a cross-border area between Luxembourg, Belgium, France and Germany. The awareness that cross-border cooperation is a must and not a luxury, has resulted in many institutionalised forms of cross-border exchange formats and platforms where public as well as private players have the possibility coordinate. With this project, Spatial Foresight will support the implementation of the 45 operative measures that have been developed by the SDTGR/REKGR stakeholders. With the development of the maps, we will also provide an understanding of what territories of the Greater Region are eventually affected by the implementation of the operative measures. The project will run until the end of 2021.


A summary of key findings and maps is available in our blog.


Client: Luxembourg Ministry of Energy and for Spatial Planning

Duration: November 2021 - December 2021

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