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Maria Toptsidou is analyst and policy adviser at Spatial Foresight. She joined the team in 2013. Among her main professional interests lie the European Cohesion Policy and the European Territorial Cooperation, with a particular interest in macro-regional strategies.


So far, Maria has worked on projects for DG Regio, the European Parliament, the European Committee of the Regions, for Interact, ESPON and on several Interreg Programmes’ ex-ante and ex-post evaluations, as well as for the European Investment Bank for the development of the fi-compass platform for advisory services on financial instruments. She has been involved in the drafting of numerous ESPON publications, such as ESPON Policy Briefs, ESPON Territorial Observations and a number of ESPON Synthesis Reports, giving particular emphasis on policy relevant recommendations. Up to now, Maria has also been involved in several projects on the four EU macro-regional strategies, presented at macro-regional strategies’ Annual Forums and supported the preparation of the EUSAIR and EUSALP macro-regional strategies.


Maria Toptsidou holds a master degree in European Spatial and Environmental Planning from the Radboud University of Nijmegen (The Netherlands) and a bachelor degree in International and European Studies (Panepistimio Makedonias, Greece). She is fluent in Greek (native language), English, German and French.


Böhme, K. & Toptsidou, M. (2020) Scenario snapshots of a post COVID-19 EU: Recovery strategies shaping new normals. Spatial Foresight Briefing 2020:14. Luxembourg. Read
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Zillmer, S. & Toptsidou, M. (2014). Potential and Limits of the EGTC Instrument for Enhancing Integration across Borders (Spatial Foresight Brief No. 5). Heisdorf: Spatial Foresight. Download.


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